It's tea isn't it. I thought it might be good to really kick off the British clichés early on. Asides from the blue suitcase, I inevitably packed a suitcase of food items I thought I might have a hankering for. Colman's Mustard, Marmite, Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, a bottle of HP which didn't make it through customs in Heathrow on account of the fact that it was too big and Tea. Nothing fancy, no Twinnineings English Breakfast,  just two 160 bag boxes of PG tips. Standard. This is one of them.
It has exactly 23 bags left. 

However, (now what I am about to tell you may come as a shock, it also may be massively disputed but fuck it, let's march on...) TEA IN ARGENTINA IS NOT TOO BAD REALLY HOW ABOUT THAT THEN THERE YOU GO. For one thing there's a distinct lack of Liptons which I think as anyone who has travelled Europe will attest is massive plus because Liptons tastes like crappy poopoo. Here you do have to contend with this mysterious cigar selection box style approach.
This one's pretty ordinary and small but some of 'em can be right fancy with a multitude of different coloured bags inside most of which probbly say Manzanilla which, by the way, doesn't mean apple. Anyway in there somewhere, if you look carefully, you should be able to find something that if you add hot water to it and milk and put it in a cup and then drink it with your mouth it will taste like tea. You may have to leave the bag in to get it up to PG standards but it is tea nonetheless. Drinkable and not dreadful. No brand particularly leaps out as good, maybe I shall come to that at a later date. There is a shite one but I can't remember what it's called.

So having expected to present you with photo's of me holding another disappointing soggy limp looking bag accompanied by my disappointed soggy limp looking face this it seems will have to wait.*

Oh and the milk also comes in bags, but that is another story.


* I realise this may conjure up other images but that you will have to live with. You know who you are.

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